Art projects

Planned artwork at Link Angle Lake Station

Sound Transit is committed to the communities where it builds and operates and sets aside construction dollars for public art.

STart, Sound Transit's art program, features world class artworks by nationally renowned artist as well as emerging public artists. Many live in the Pacific Northwest. Their work represents a diverse range of style, scale and perspective that creates welcoming and engaging environments for riders and others who interact with stations and construction sites.

Enjoy these artworks along your journey.

Call to artists

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Interested in creating art for Sound Transit?

STart will post opportunities for artists on the website when they are available. Commissions vary and are suited for all types of experience levels, including:

  • Gateway/landmarking projects
  • Discrete works
  • Integrated art
  • Temporary art
  • Performance opportunities
  • Environmental/green works
  • Others we haven't dreamed up yet

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